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On the spot

  • The price of a ticket ON THE SPOT at the stand for an adult (12 to 64 years) is €15. For children (7 to 11 years), pensioners and ZŤP it is €5, accompanying ZŤP (ZŤPS) is €5. Admission is free for children under 6 years old (inclusive). Payment is possible by card or in cash.


  • The price of tickets ONLINE in presale is discounted for an adult (12 to 64 years) is €13. It is €3 for children (7 to 11 years old), pensioners and ZŤP, accompanying ZŤP (ZŤPS) is €3. The sale will continue even during the event, but not at the pre-sale prices but at the prices of the regular entrance fee.

  • Parking in marked areas around the event is FREE, as part of the online sale we offer PREMIUM PARKING worth €10/car, thanks to which it is possible to park closer to the event and have a separate entrance to the event.

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