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Tickets and admission

  • The entrance fee on the spot is €15 for adults and €5 for concessions. For online pre-sale, the price is €13 for an adult and €3 for a discounted ticket. Discounted admission is for children from 7 to 12 years old, pensioners and disabled persons. Children under the age of 6,999 have FREE entry.

  • The gates of the area will open to the public from 9:00 a.m., then the flight program in the sky will start from 10:30 a.m. and will end at approximately 6:00 p.m.

  • Ticket booths will be placed before entering the area. There will also be a SEPARATE stand for exchanging online tickets. We recommend using online sales for its price and faster on-site processing.

Parkovanie a doprava

  • Parkovné je zahrnuté v cene lístka, teda je ZADARMO. Priamo pri areáli podujatia bude vytvorené “menšie” parkovisko, pri termináli letiska bude “väčšie” parkovisko, odkiaľ bude premávať kyvadlová doprava.  Menšie parkovisko obsahuje voľnú časť a bližšie k vystúpeniam je časť pre "Premium Parking". Parkovisko bude otvorené od 8:00. 

  • Verejná doprava bude posilnená na trase z mesta na letisko - linka 23. Premávať bude cca každých 30minút autobus s väčšou kapacitou zo staničného námestia na letisko a pokračuje do Aeroklubu na podujatie. 


  • You can find information about the program on our website in the program tab. Due to the active operation of the international airport, which would affect the schedule of the event, the program does not have an exact duration, but it is divided into three two-hour blocks with a specified sequence of demonstrations. Program change reserved.

  • Shortly after the end of the flight program, a Chill-Out zone with a DJ will be launched in the premises of the complex, which will make sure that the experiences can be better stored and thus make leaving the complex or sitting with friends and family more pleasant.

  • The attractions are spread throughout the area so that you feel freer and more comfortable there. According to the attached map, you can look forward to Detský svet 16, go-carts 15, Kolotoče 17 Lunapark Petržalka, jumping castles 18. Various professional demonstrations at the Technical University stands 21 and 22. Adult spectators will of course be taken care of at sales and gastro stands 9 ,10,11.


  • Drinking water will be provided FREE of charge in the area for visitors by our partner AQUA PRO EUROPE in various promo stands. We recommend taking something with you, or we will serve you with drinks at the stands.

  • The date is at the end of summer, but the sun can be deceiving at times, so we recommend a hat and sunscreen. Nothing will happen to the umbrella in the backpack, just to be sure.​

  • The event is being held with the support of the Košice self-governing region and other partners from the private sector, but it has no political, religious or other value intention. Especially in the context of the upcoming parliamentary elections, we ask political parties and individuals to refrain from any deliberate promotion.

Event area

Contact us

Pre Partnerov

Signing and Contract

Ján Magura - Chairman of the Aeroclub
+421 905 346 986

For participants

Contact of participants

Michal Vejčík - VLP

+421 903 227 402

For Visitors

Kontakt návštevníkov

Tibor Mačuga - PR Manager

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